Our guide to recycle right

Recycling can seem really confusing and staying up to date is a big challenge! What you can put in your recycling bin depends on which items your local council accepts. But did you know there are innumerable ways to recycle items that don’t below in your kerbside recycling bin?

Tennis balls, coffee cups, plant pots, computer keyboards and seedling trays can all now be recycled at local collection points. Items that are composed of valuable materials like metals, leather, and even plastic shouldn’t be wasted in landfill.

What can I recycle in my area?

e-Waste – e-Waste recycling

Hard Rubbish – Book a kerbside collection through the ACT City Services

For more information about what and where you can recycle, visit the City Services website.

Examples of items that can be recycled, but don’t below in your kerbside recycling include:

  • Batteries
  • Basketballs
  • Bread Tags
  • Blister Packs
  • Soft Plastics
  • Coffee Cups
  • Plastic Lids
  • Plant Pots
  • Running Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Clothing.

For more information

Recycle Mate is an app that helps you recycle anywhere in Australia. Just upload a photo or type the name of an item you would like to know more about and Recycle Mate will give you disposal advice specific to your location.