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With nearly 100 years of combined experience, Maxwell & Co. Barristers and Solicitors has consistently achieved outstanding results without losing sight of the fact that it’s the personal touch that makes them “more than just a typical law firm”.

First and foremost, Maxwell & Co. values the relationship between the solicitor and the client. They assist their clients in navigating complex legal scenarios and give them strategies to meet any objectives (whether personal or business related), without neglecting the efficiency, communication and transparency that are so highly sought after in this field.

It’s not uncommon to find Law firms being behind the times. At Maxwell & Co. they understand that the legal service market is changing. They have always been in close touch with their roots, being originally founded in Canberra, though have never been afraid to embrace change and diversity. Since their humble beginnings, Maxwell & Co. has expanded to multiple states across Australia and then across the Asia-Pacific corridor, having connections in Shanghai and Malaysia. They’re well equipped to handle the adversities of a globalising world, amidst a time of unprecedented information technology development.

Not only can they say “we get it”, but they love the challenge of delivering traditional legal services in a progressive and innovative way.

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